Advisory opportunity: Mies+ (EXPIRED)

How important is mental health is to you? Here’s a brand new opportunity for you, a chance to help the cause of bettering men’s mental health by advising Mies+ in an upcoming workshop.

💚 Mies+’s mission is to improve men’s mental and emotional health by encouraging men to talk about their issues with each other.

Mies+ is facing an entirely unique issue as an organization, finding funding for a cause that should be generally accepted: mental health. This is the perfect chance for you to bring your fresh perspective and talent to the table on a topic you might not even have considered before. 

Join the one-hour Advisory Workshop for Mies+ on Monday 10.1.2022 at 15:00 to hear about their organization and discuss the challenges of securing funding as a nonprofit men’s mental health group.

Please note that the Workshop will be hosted in FINNISH.

You can join the advisory workshop for free, but act fast because there are only a limited number of spots available.

If you are interested in Mies+ but cannot join the workshop, add yourself to their advisory pool and stand out by making your profile top-notch. 


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