Advisory Opportunity: Suomen Kyläavustajat (EXPIRED)

Are you an avid supporter of your local community? This is your chance to single-handedly put your town on the map, and make new connections in your community along the way. 

💚 Suomen Kyläavustajat’s mission: Helping local communities rediscover themselves

Smaller towns in Finland often struggle with having the resources to market themselves. Suomen Kyläavustajat is looking to fix this with the help of the communities themselves.

They are looking to expand their network of entrepreneurs who would visit their local businesses to learn more about them, and add them to the town’s profile on Suomen Kyläavustajat. Whether it’s the newest property listings or the best restaurant in town, anyone can simply check the town’s page to see what’s there.

Join their Advisory Workshop to make an impact

Join the one hour Advisory Workshop for Suomen Kyläavustajat on Tuesday 11.1.2022 at 15:00 to hear about their company, discuss their challenges, and find out if you’d want to be a representative of your town. Please note that the Workshop will be hosted in FINNISH.

You can join the advisory workshop for free, but act fast because there are only a limited number of spots available. Click the button below and follow the link in Suomen Kyläavustajat Prönö profile to register.

If you are interested in Suomen Kyläavustajat’s mission but cannot join the workshop, add yourself to their advisory pool and stand out by making your profile top-notch. 


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