How to reach everyday investors?

Palance is looking to bring enterprise-level investment analytics to everyday investors. Can you help them find and reach them? Join an advisory workshop to help them grow!

There’s plenty of data available for everyday investors, but that data is scattered and unusable without enterprise-level analytics software that is expensive and only available for large institutional-level investors. Palance is looking to change this by making insightful investment analytics as a service available to all investors with a low monthly fee. But in order for them to develop their service to meet the needs of future customers, they need to find them first.

Start your advisory journey with Palance by signing up for the advisory workshop in May. Palance is looking for advisors who can help them with their marketing. If you have ideas on how to reach everyday investors and are looking for your next advisory opportunity in a startup, here’s your chance to start your journey together with Palance. 


💙  Mission: Provide private investors with institutional-level analytics to help them diversify their portfolios, preserve capital and compound wealth more effectively over the long term.
👀  Advice needed: How to reach everyday investors?
📈  Preferred advisor category: Growth & Marketing
🕒  10.5.2022 at 9 AM
⌛  < 60 min

There are only 5 seats available so act fast. Sign-up closes 1 week before the workshop. 


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