Prono advisory workshop

Prönö Advisory workshops: The easiest way to find advice

Every company needs advice at some point in their journey. But you might not always have the people in your network who can help you. Except when your company is on Prönö.

Prönö builds companies’ advisory pools, so they can ask for help from a group of highly talented professionals at any time. Here’s how it works if your company is on Prönö.

When you need advice, here is all you need to do: 

1. Schedule a meeting using your personal calendar link.

Then, we invite all advisors in your pool, but we can also invite other relevant experts. We also make all the technical arrangements, so you only need to show up to the meeting. We even make all the introductions to start the meeting.

2. Take the floor of the advisory meeting so you can start the discussion.

3. After the meeting, you can follow up with any of the participants who had some interesting insights.

Prönö Advisory workshops are the easiest way to organize a meeting any time you might…

  • want to get feedback on something you have developed
  • need advice on something you are working on
  • want to have a fireside chat with intelligent people
  • have a problem you cannot solve

You can now get the advice you need with one click. That’s how easy we make this for you.

Example: you need to find a service provider

You can reach the talent you need with an Advisor Workshop.

Let’s say you need to find a graphic designer to work on your presentation deck. Or you are thinking about trying out another marketing agency to replace an existing partner.

It takes a lot of emails and phone calls to see which professionals are available and set up a meeting with all of them. Asking for help through social media creates an avalanche of phone calls, emails and LinkedIn connection requests.

When your company is on Prönö, all you need to do is tell us who you want to talk to, and then, we do all the arrangements on your behalf – completely for free. You show up and explain what you are looking for or working on – and the discussion starts right then and there. 

Asking for advice or finding a business partner has never been easier. That is our mission: We make the best talent (and advice) in the world available to you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Are you interested in having an Advisory workshop?
Book a meeting and we help you to get advice easier than ever before!


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