AUDICIN is looking for advisors on Prönö

Do you want to help and advise a science-based team building an innovative solution that helps people to recharge while they are working?

Many busy business people struggle to find the time for recovery breaks, breathing techniques and other restorative exercises. However, the Slush top 100 startup Audicin helps people to recharge while they are working. 

The problem of workplace stress is a major challenge, and it is only growing. Today, 66% of European workers report experiencing professional stress, while that number is 94% in the US.

A team of nine from S-Group, the biggest private sector employer in Finland, tested the solution. Their exhaustion level decreased by 40% in only two months without major lifestyle changes. Now Audicin is looking for advisors on Prönö.

Audicin offers a simple but effective solution for every professional who wants to overcome stress-related challenges and perform better. Its personalised and AI-powered method decreases stress and boosts recovery during the workday by simply applying the right kind of audio stimulation. 

What’s the science behind it?

Audicin is an audio medicine company. Medical studies show that a specific form of scientifically created audio relaxes a person as efficiently as opioids, in only five minutes and without any harmful side effects. Audicin co-founder Dr Victoria Williamson has over fifteen years of academic research in this area. They have already gone to market as a wellbeing solution, but aim for CE and FDA approvals. 

Their vision is to replace or complement some of the current biochemical treatments with audio medicine. In addition to stress relief, their product shows promising impacts on depression, ADHD, migraine, pain and long covid.

Do you want to help Audicin as an advisor?

They are looking for both operations advisors and customer advisors.

Advisors are sought especially in the areas of medical device regulation, go-to-market, international expansion, AI, insurance companies, employee wellbeing, performance coaching, automotive industries and wearables.

Customer advisors that are sought include leaders from bigger corporations and business units. Through working with customer advisors, Audicin is interested in testing their value proposition and understanding their customers better. 

If you are interested in testing Audicin yourself, we are happy to offer a 30% discount for the first 3 months. Just use the code: ADVISOR22. It is valid till the 15th of December 2022. Check out their website & buy Audicin now! https://www.audicin.com/

How can you show your interest?

Audicin will select the best available advisors from their advisory pool on the Prönö platform. Join the pool to make yourself available for them. The first session will be booked as soon as potential advisors are found, so if you are not yet on the platform, join for free and add yourself to Audicin’s advisory pool to be considered.

One more time:
1. Join Audicin’s advisory pool with just one click on Prönö.
If you are not yet on Prönö, you can create your profile for free here.
If you are already on Prönö, make sure your profile is top notch. 

2. They will select the best advisors for 1-to-1 sessions
If you want to get paid for the sessions, upgrade your profile to PRO on the platform.


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