How can you become an advisor through Prönö?

Employment may not be the norm for business in the future. The role of freelancers and especially advisors is growing as work is quickly moving online. Prönö helps companies find, manage and work with advisors, and we can help you become one. 

Especially during Covid, many professionals have started to think “what is the purpose of the work that I am doing?” Working on something meaningful is a growing trend, especially among the leaders of the future. Impact companies – companies whose whole business is about building a more sustainable future – are attracting a lot of interest, but not all of them are able or willing to take on employees full-time. That is a key reason why the use of external knowledge through advisory roles is becoming the norm. 

Prönö gives all professionals an opportunity to become advisors of impact companies. Our mission is to make the best professionals in the world available for companies that are building a better future, and we see advisory roles as an integral part of a growing company.

Here is how you can become an advisor on Prönö. 

Join the Advisory Pools of companies that interest you

The first step in becoming an advisor of any company on our platform is to make yourself available to them by joining their Advisory Pool. After that, all of their key decision makers can see that you are interested in working with them, and you might be invited to join their upcoming advisory workshops. All it takes to make yourself available to any company on our platform is just one click, and it is completely free. 

Engage with companies through Advisory Workshops

Advisory Workshops give you the opportunity to provide your expertise and views to those impact companies you would love to help. These one-hour online workshops can be one of the first steps to becoming an advisory board member, a service provider or perhaps an employee of a company you would love to help. No matter what, they are always a chance for both companies and professionals like you to provide value and work on something meaningful. 

Seize open advisory board opportunities

Impact companies are building diverse advisory boards on Prönö. We help companies reach the right professionals and create the perfect combination of expertise and values. 
When your profile on the platform is up to date and you have your expertise and values set up, you will always hear when one of the companies on our platform is looking for you.

Make sure you have opted in to advisory opportunities and our communications to be sure you never miss an opportunity. 


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