New advisor opportunity on Prönö – Mesenaatti

Mesenaatti has become the Largest Crowdfunding platform in the Nordics. Mesenaatti has an active community of 57.000 people creating a steady campaign revenue of 1M€+ in back-to-back years. Now they are looking to find strategic partners to reach even larger audiences and share their community with a partner that has the right skillset to grow it.

Before that…

Mesenaatti is seeking strategic advice on their plan to find strategic partners for a potential merger or other joint business ventures.

If you have experience in company mergers or strategic alliances, and are available to share it with the team, join Prönö and add yourself to Mesenaatti’s advisory pool. Mesenaatti is booking 1-to-1 sessions with advisors starting now, so do not wait.

Check out the video to learn more about Mesenaatti

How can you show your interest?

Mesenaatti will select the best available advisors from their advisory pool on Prönö platform. Join the pool to make your profile available.

First session will be booked as soon as potential advisors are found, so if you are not yet on the platform – join for free and add yourself to Mesenaatti’s advisory pool to make yourself available.

One more time:

  1. Join Mesenaatti advisory pool with just one click on Prönö
    If you are not yet on Prönö. You can create your profile for free here.
    If you are already on Prönö, make sure your profile is top notch. 

  1. They will select best advisors for 1-to-1 sessions
    If you want to get paid for the sessions, upgrade your profile to PRO.

Our goal with Prönö is to help the needs meet the right expertise. You can join the platform for free to become an advisor and select the right plan to get paid for your services. 


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