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How can Communication for Funding Improve? – Crowd for Impact

On Crowd For Impact, both companies and individuals can support real change makers through impact funding and receive meaningful rewards, services and impact data in return. Discover wonderful initiatives that make this world a little better.

Crowd for impact is helping impact startups grow through value driven sales and companies reach their sustainability goals through impact startup cooperation. But how can they make their messaging even more clear and loud? Join the workshop and perhaps become their advisor for a good cause!

They need your advice to grow their business!

Join Crowd for Impact Advisory Workshop

💙 Mission: Enable financial independence for impact creators and to build a culture of sustainable partnerships.

👀 Advice needed: How to best communicate impact funding for companies?

🕒  27.1.22 at 12 pm
⌛  < 60 min
💰  Free / Non-profit

You can join the advisory workshop for free, but act fast because there are only a limited number of spots available.

Join Crowd for Impact’s advisory pool AND click the link in their profile to register.

If you are interested in Crowd for Impact but cannot join the workshop, add yourself to their advisory pool – and be sure you stand out by making your profile top-notch.


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