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Find a sparring partner or become one on Prönö

A sparring partner can have a huge impact in your growth as a human and as a professional. On Prönö, you can find sparring partners with experience in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, sustainability and diversity & inclusion – just to name a few areas. And you can offer your own expertise to others just as easily. 

How do I get started? 

There are over a thousand people ready to spar you. You can find all of them from our brand-new Sparring page. Is there someone who could help you? Are you looking for someone with specific experience?

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How to find a sparring partner?

Anybody can offer their expertise for sparring, for free. If you want to specify what you want to share or what topics you want to discuss, just update your sparring card.

Explain what expertise and knowledge you could share with others or the topics that inspire you – any area in which you want to share your knowledge. 

Be proactive and find out who might need you. Use search and filters to see which professionals are seeking a sparring partner and offer your expertise by clicking “I’m here if you need me” on their profile. 

How to become a sparring partner?

Go to the Sparring page to find more than a thousand professionals ready to help you and spar you. Check out their profiles and then…

  1. Contact them directly to move forward right now.
  2. Save them for later, if you like their profile, but now is not the right time for you to act. 

If you know what you are looking for, update your sparring card and share what you are seeking. Someone might find you and contact you later. All people interested in connecting with you will be added to your circles, so keep an eye on your circles too.

Extra! If you are in a hurry, you can fast forward your search by posting it in our Help Hub! It’s always free, and this enables you to reach the whole community. 

Sharing thoughts, ideas and support can make a real difference when finding the right solution to daily challenges, developing a new business idea or just talking with someone who has experienced the same situation. We all have something to contribute! <3


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