Dare to Suck Helene Auramo from Prönö

Helene Auramo on Dare to Suck podcast: “If you fail, you learn.”

We’ve got a treat for you, prönös: our CEO & Founder Helene Auramo was featured on Dare to Suck! In each episode of this podcast, Wilfrid Kroath sits down with inspirational changemakers from different walks of life. 

This time, Helene talked with Wilfrid about being an entrepreneur, the impact of values on your work, and how you should always learn from your mistakes.

Here are some key takeaways from their conversation:

  1. Surround yourself with brilliant people and brilliant things will happen. Also, find your passion and share it.
  2. Sometimes you need to serve as an instrument for the ideas. Especially if nobody else does it then you might need to be the one who communicates it to the world.
  3. Most of your fears are in your mind and in your mind only.
  4. Know your values and live up to them. At best, build a company on top of your values as this can mean fulfilling your dreams.

Get new energy and ideas for this week and listen to the podcast here:


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