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How do you find your values?

We have collected some tips here to help you to discover your values. Values can change during a person’s lifetime, but often many core values remain constant. 

What is a value?

A value is a core belief or principle that is fundamental to your being and guides you through life. When we can live and work according to our values, we can be happier and achieve better results. Love, care, peace, freedom, creativity, ambition and joy are several common values. 

How do you define your values?

  1. We have collected a list of values to help you get started. You can see it here.

  2. You can also take some free tests to help you find out your values. (If you know of other useful tests, please share them with us so that we can add them here below).

3. Professional guidance might be helpful as figuring out your values by yourself might be a difficult task and often also requires some self-reflection.

Here are some names of people and companies that could help you with this work:
Canay Atalay
Nina Karlsson  
Kari I. Mattila

Do you want to be featured here? Contact us!

Why do values matter at work?

Values ensure we work effectively together by enabling each of us to make aligned decisions independently. With the help of our values we can lead ourselves and our colleagues.

73% of professionals say they would not apply to a company unless its values align with their own personal values. (Glassdoor 2019)

On Prönö, you can share your future business profile, where you can show your values, dreams and interests. Organizations can also share their values on Prönö. Currently, we are building a value matching engine to find the best matches between people and organizations.


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