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Invite your colleagues

You most probably have more than one person communicating and working with your partners. By bringing your experts onto the platform and connecting them to your account, you can all manage the same talent pool with ease. 

You can add all of your experts and professionals under your organization account. Add at least those who are actively working with your partners. That way you all can see who wants to work with you, and you can add them into your own circles, and start the discussions offline. 

By upgrading to PRO-accounts you can each offer also your expertise to other companies and individuals on the platform. 

An organization profile with only one individual working for a company might not be the best way to increase your credibility as an organization. So bring in all of your colleagues and also redirect the incoming approaches into Prönö. We can also do that for you with our Organization service. When you have all your colleagues on the platform also all your current and future partners in one unified pool – you will always know who can help you.


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