It’s not wise to wait for advice

If you are not getting what you need in minutes rather than days or in hours rather than weeks – may we give you a word of advice? The business rules have changed, and others are enjoying the benefits already. Advisors from around the world can be available for you if you are available for them.

When companies needed advice in 2019 most companies called the service providers or consultants they had been working with in the past. A meeting would be set for the next week or week after that, coffee and pleasantries would be exchanged, the schedule would be set and presented, and an offer would follow up a week later.

Now, none of us expects advice to arrive a month from today. Instead, finding the advice and the right advisors should happen at the exact moment or in the next few seconds at the latest.

Going virtual has opened opportunities for work to move faster and get more things done. And finding an advisor and advice should be no different.

How to find advisors on Prönö?

In Prönö, we are building a platform where you can find advice and the right advisors faster than ever before. Grow more quickly by creating an advisory team that can complement your in-house people. Or replenish your existing advisory board with a key member to help your strategy.

Selecting advisors from your pool of professionals interested in working with you helps you move faster.

The new normal is setting up an advisory workshop with new experts from selected professions and skillsets with just a couple of clicks.

Whether you are just looking for advice or recruiting, you should start by searching for people who can bring something you don’t have to the table. It all begins with a need for advice. Prönö is here to deliver that.

At the end of the day, how many advisors you have in your pool is up to you. Companies on our platform have hundreds of professionals in their pool and can find advice in minutes. What about you?


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