How to sell a circular takeaway solution to restaurants? – Kamupak

Kamupak is looking for advisors who can help them reach restaurant owners.

Their deposit system for reusable products is already in dozens of restaurants, but now they are looking to grow fast and help restaurants downsize their carbon footprint. If you have the needed expertise in B2B sales/growth/marketing/restaurants and a will to share your advice – claim your advisor profile in Prönö and join the 1h Kamupak workshop 31.3. at 14:00.

Signup to the workshop by leaving your email address below before 23.3. To attend the workshop you need to have claimed your advisor profile on the Prönö platform, but you can also do that after you have signed up so don’t wait.

Join Kamupak’s Advisory Workshop

💙 Mission: To reduce the world’s waste load with a digital deposit system for reusable takeaway packaging.

👀 Advice needed: How to sell a circular takeaway solution to restaurants?

🕒  31.3.2022 at 14:00
⌛  < 60 min

There are only 5 seats available so act fast. Sign up is closes on 25.3

If you are interested in Kamupak but cannot join the workshop, add yourself to their advisory pool – and be sure you stand out by making your profile top-notch.


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