Luonkos looking for advisors for the next investment round

Luonkos is an innovative skin care company from Finland that is seeking advisors for their first investment round in 2023. They are looking for advisors with expertise in digital sales, marketing development, internationalisation and go-to-market strategy. Interested advisors can now show their interest on Prönö. 

The award-winning brand Luonkos is one of the leading and fastest-growing natural cosmetics companies in Finland. They are revolutionizing skin care with their innovative forest-based solutions – from their popular oil cleansing cakes to the first forest microbe extract cosmetic products on the market. You can read more about their trailblazing products on the Luonkos website.

Now they are seeking advisors to help them grow

Luonkos has grown with the help of its founders and employees without outside investments. They are ready to accelerate that growth with investors.

Luonkos is currently seeking advisors to help in the first investment round in 2023. They need advisors with expertise especially in digital sales, marketing development, internationalisation and go-to-market strategy.

How can you show your interest?

Luonkos will select the best available advisors from their advisory pool on the Prönö platform. Add yourself to the Luonkos advisory pool to be considered.

1. Join the Luonkos advisory pool on Prönö.
Not yet on Prönö? Create your profile for free here.
Already on Prönö? Join the pool with just one click  – and then make sure your profile is top notch. 

2. Luonkos will select the best advisors for 1-to-1 sessions

If you want to get paid for the sessions, upgrade your profile to PRO on the platform.

It’s Christmas time!

Luonkos & Prönö wants to delight all prönös with a great little Christmas gift.

Get a 15% discount on the lovely and best-selling Luonkos oil cleansing cakes.

These all-in-one products are already the favourites of tens of thousands of happy customers. People appreciate the quality ingredients and leading-edge sustainability – but most of all, they value the better skin experience. 

Here’s a discount code for Luonkos shop: PRONO15

(Offer valid till 20.12.2022.)


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