Marketing professional: Lygg is looking for you! (expired)


Lygg is looking for a content creator to scale up and manage their social media and marketing efforts as they rapidly grow into new markets. If you are looking for your next opportunity, make yourself available for Lygg with just one click!  

Lygg is mobility-as-a-service company, providing the benefits of private flights at the price of commercial. They aim to change the way people commute and think about flying – and this all in a completely carbon-neutral way.

Your role will be to communicate that mission to target customers in English and especially in Germany while also increasing brand awareness in other markets they are planning to expand into.

Ideally, you would start working with the team as a freelancer, but employment would also be a possibility if you are the right person for the job. Lygg was born internationally, but is located in Finland. You can be located anywhere, but you should have the following:

  • the ability to create content in English and possibly also in German. 
  • a creative flare with words and for creating content
  • the ability to execute and optimize campaigns across different channels 
  • a strong understanding of content marketing as a whole and a desire to build and develop processes for Lygg
  • technical skills to manage content on Lygg’s website. 
  • a desire to brainstorm ideas and create new concepts and the ability to publish content to Lygg’s social media channels and website.
  • share Lygg’s goals of sustainability & well-being

This, list is long, and it is possible that no applicants have all these skills, so if you have AT LEAST SOME of the listed skills – and most importantly are interested in working with the company – make yourself available today. 

This will not be the last opportunity opening up at Lygg in the upcoming months, and the next ones will most likely be filled directly from their talent pool. All it takes is one click to add yourself and be found. 

Lygg brings the revolution of emission-free travel with new high-tech aircrafts to reality! Do you want to be part of this by building a more sustainable future with Lygg?

See Lygg’s video on their website.

Don’t let this opportunity fly by. Boarding will end this Sunday, 5.9.2021.

Join Lygg's talent & advisory pool


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