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Mentoring matches can start on Prönö

The importance of helping others and receiving support is a core principle we have built into the Prönö platform. Mentoring and finding a mentor have been two of the most requested features we have received while building our platform. Now it is possible to become or find a mentor on Prönö

How do I become a mentor on Prönö?

Anyone can become a mentor on Prönö for free. Update your mentoring card on our new Mentoring page and share who you can help and what you can offer.

To ensure interested mentees can find you as easily as possible, remember to add all the relevant information (e.g. experience, values and inspiration) to your profile so they can get to know you better.

How do I find a mentor?

There are already almost a thousand professionals ready to become mentors, and you can find all of them from our Mentoring page

You can use filters to select the expertise you are seeking. In their profile you can see their values and what they are passionate about. Connect to them directly if they have shared their contact info, or click “I’m here if you need me” to give them the ability to contact you instead.

Upgrade to PRO to find your mentor today and use other advanced features of our platform. 

Prönö helps connect your needs to the right expertise, but we let you decide together how you want to proceed with your journey. In the best case, you can start a life-long mentor-mentee relationship, where both sides give and take. We want to make it easier to help others, receive support and find people to work with.


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