Everyone needs help. On Prono you can find it.

No one ever did any amazing things just by themselves

In business and in life – we all need help. In life, we have our community and structures to lean on when needed. We have systems in place to support those who need it – in some countries more than others, but most definitely everywhere more in life than in business. This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur. Unless you are a prönö.

On Prönö you can ask for help and get connected with the best people in no time. We are building a community of like-minded people you can trust. Prönö is a state of mind. It is the mentality that we do not need to do everything ourselves, so we can instead find others who are better at something we need to accomplish. On Prönö we do not have paid advertising that creates illusions. We have only actual people and organization able to connect with each other without limitations. No paid ads or algorithms – just the best people and a genuine will to help you.

Prönö will help you find help faster. We organize your network automatically for you, so you only have to select the profession or expertise you need and then ask the question you need to ask. Or simply find the professional you need to find. Your circle and other professionals are here to give you the answer in no time.

Prönö is there to help you with your everyday problems, but it is also a place to share your ideas and dreams. At Prönö, we have built a platform where it is safe to share your ideas with your network and then let the serendipity start to play its part. Whether you dream of having your own vineyard, climbing Mount Everest or being in better shape, share it and find people to help you. Your goals and dreams might be closer than you think.

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