Our values guide us forward in everything we do

I have co-founded many companies in the past. But this time I decided to do things differently. 

I decided to design it starting from a blank sheet of paper. Like anything is possible. It was an intriguing idea – what would a company look like if it had no limitations? After thinking about this question for a while, I realized that although nothing was written on the paper, I still needed to clear my mind too. In order to create something totally new, you also need to let go of the past. 

During this process, I however, realized one core idea. 

Your values should be your guiding principles when you are building new. 

I have been lucky enough to have such good people around me, people who have helped and inspired me and acted as a mirror for me to deeply understand the core values and foundation of Prönö. As I’m one of the founders, and originally the only founder, these values needed to come from me. But of course, when Ella, our first employee, joined I sought her opinions as well. We soon thereafter got support from Liisa Paasio and Anna Moilanen, and later we were lucky to be part of an inspirational workshop with Canay Atalay and Rudy de Waele from Conscious Learning Tribe. I can recommend all these people when you are thinking about your company’s soul, purpose and values. 

When you are building an organization full of the best-skilled people you need to trust them. Because you are hiring people who are much better than you are. I believe the organization needs to be flexible and without strict hierarchies when working with the best. I also believe the atmosphere should be free but accountable.

Organizations can operate in this open environment (where everyone is accountable for their work), if there are some guiding principles. 

The most important guiding principles or work and hiring practices are related to values going forward. But values are also important for new emerging organizations right now. Because if everyone knows how to do their work and how to make decisions every day, they will operate better. Furthermore, as people are now moving more into working remotely and having meetings online, this is becoming even more important. 

So what are our values then? 



We think that relationships are the glue that builds trust between the parties and verifies the elements of trust: reliability, capability, integrity & empathy. 


The magic happens when new ideas and multidisciplinary wisdom meet, grow, and show in our platforms and services and beyond. We are creating a completely new way of doing business by sharing knowledge, opportunities, and peers.


We give people the tools for entrepreneurial success to unleash their and their community’s potential to solve the business and global challenges of today and far beyond.


We don’t succeed at others’ expenses. We are the ones creating the new world order of entrepreneurship that is fair, equal and respectful. We believe that everyone has something valuable to say.  



We try our best to live up to these values. And we are always looking for people who think these values matter, because in the end, we are just using business to change the world. And we know that people are the only ones who can make a difference.




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