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Photographer Marko Rantanen: “I shot one roll of black & white film, and it changed my life forever.”

In this series, we sit down with some prönös to learn more about them and how they have found opportunities for growth.

We believe that each and every one of us has a prönö inside them. A prönö is bold and curious. Some are entrepreneurs, and some are thought leaders in their own fields. There are tech geeks, and there are artists of all sorts. What unites them all is that they are all doing their own thing with passion.

The Prönö platform was recently launched, and the launch video is out. (If you’re curious – like all prönös are – don’t miss the video at the end of this post!) 

But first, before you watch the video, we want to introduce the superstar behind both the camera and the idea of our Prönö launch video: Helsinki-based photographer and cinematographer – and prönö – Marko Rantanen. He is a top-notch professional, creative, wise, and overall, just a very delightful person!

The stories of how people find their passion are often very different from each other. Marko’s journey to the place where he is now happened more or less by accident: “I was supposed to become an engineer. That was the career I had planned earlier. But then, by mere chance, a friend of mine was short on money and sold me his SLR camera. I shot one roll of black & white film, and it changed my life forever. Photography opened a new world for me, one that I didn’t know existed.”

As Marko’s story reminds us, sometimes, all you need is a bit of luck. It just takes a bit of courage to take the leap of faith and start doing what you feel is right. That’s exactly what our Prönö platform was designed for: to help people find new opportunities. 

Let’s learn some more about Marko and his work! 

Are there any lessons that you would like to share with people thinking of ordering custom photographs or videos?

It’s a good idea to involve the photographer in the planning process as early as possible. They might come up with good solutions for the creative or production side. Usually, what happens is that the photographer comes in with outside-of-the-box ideas, and they often prove to be very useful and unique.

Which three photos are the ones you are most proud of or happy about?

Number one is my first successful photo, which I was totally satisfied with. Number two is the first custom work I made for a client. As the third one, I would pick my first exhibition photo. They are clear milestones on my professional journey. 

What tips would you give to people who are afraid of being in front of a camera?

When you book a photographer, please reserve enough time for the photo shoot. That way you don’t have to come in a hurry and work under stress. If you feel awkward or insecure in front of the camera, tell the photographer about how you feel. They will help you relax and feel better. Remember to trust the professional. It’s also a good idea to keep communicating during the photo shoot because that’s how you get the best results.

Helene (CEO & Founder of Prönö) says it was your idea to film more than 30 people on the launch video. And that immediately after you explained the idea, it just made sense, and she knew that we should do it. How did you come up with the idea?

It was the first idea that came to my mind when I first met Helene over a video meeting. I actually stopped her while she was talking and shared my suggestion. She got the idea right away and was courageous enough to accept it. Usually, it’s the first idea that’s the best one.

(Helene adds, “I kind of saw the end result in my head right away and got very excited. Because we want Prönö to showcase the people who are really good at what they do, and that’s why I loved the idea of giving space to people who are great.”)

What did you like the most about working on the Prönö launch video?

What I liked the most definitely was working with other prönös! They are all energetic, smart, and productive people. At this point, I would like to say thanks to all of them. We had a tight schedule and despite that, we managed to do everything on time.

How was it working with more than 30 people?

It indeed had its challenges, but I think they made the process a whole lot more inspiring. Of course, the Covid-19 situation brought its own tension. Some of the people had not seen anyone outside their family for a long time.

What got you excited about Prönö?

Prönö was recommended to me by Anna Moilanen. I really liked the idea, because Prönö grants me the freedom to do my work the way I like. There really is a feeling of starting something completely new. 

Can you please complete the following sentences?

I love the fact that… the only constant thing is change.

I’m afraid that… people don’t change.

Last time I was sad about… people who don’t take others into account.

The last time I felt happiness was when… I fell asleep next to my wife and dogs.

I’m curious about learning… historic photography techniques.

The last book I read and recommended was… Bill Bryson’s At Home: A Short History of Private Life.

Check out Marko’s other work and his social media:
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Have you already seen Prönö’s launch video? If not, we got it here for you:

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