PIHKA collection looking for advisors on Prönö (Expired)


PIHKA collection’s mission is to provide an example for the fashion industry. They do that by being the sustainable style house that is honest, transparent and focused on sharing their knowledge to educate people. They combine sustainability, colours, shapes and materials to build beautiful items that can be worn today, tomorrow and beyond.

PIHKA collection is a two-women’s company that designs and manufactures high-quality, hand-made shoes and bags in a customer-oriented manner as well as various small leather products. All products are handcrafted in Finland. Design and manufacturing are based on locally sourced materials, ecological values, ethical production and individual outcome.

We at PIHKA collection think that the world can be changed for better by doing good business. Our aim is to build better design and handicraft industries, and at the same time create a positive handprint in society more broadly. To put it simply, we want to give more than we take.

Photo by Jere Viinikainen

PIHKA collection in building a advisory board on Prönö.

Doing good business happens only with good people. PIHKA collection has already proven its potential by winning Von Wright innovation prize for its uniqueness, growth drive, and ambition to go international. And it has also been awarded as a winner in Taito Award 2018.  

Now, this amazing company is looking for the best professionals to grow their business and take marketing, ecommerce, international sales and human resources to the next level. Would it be you?

On Prönö, we give an equal opportunity for anyone to show their interest to become an advisor in PIHKA collection. And the best part is, that it only takes one click from you. 

Do you want to build a more sustainable future with PIHKA collection? Sign into Prönö and join their talent & advisory pool before 24.9.2021! 

How can I join PIHKA Collection’s talent & advisory pool?

It’s simple. 

If you are already on Prönö: 

  1. Go to PIHKA collection’s profile.
  2. Click “I’m here if you need me” to join their talent & advisory pool.
    Remember to do it before 24.9.2021
  3. Make sure your profile shows all your expertise, values, goals & SDGs. 

If you don’t have your Prönö business profile yet:

  1. Sign up and follow the step above. 

PIHKA collection will check all profiles that will be found from their talent & advisory pool at 24.9.2021. They will check all Prönö profiles and contact the potentials. 

Do not wait! All it takes is just one click – “Join advisory pool” and you will be added to their advisory & talent pool on the platform. 

Photo by Jere Viinikainen


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