Prönö and Aaltoes Ignite
team up to create the next generation of entrepreneurs

Prönö is the business platform that enables people and organizations to find help by matching mentors with mentees, potential board members with organizations, and sparring partners with exciting organizations. This time, we partner with Aalto Entrepreneurship Society’s Ignite to match young rising entrepreneurs with experienced people willing to help. 

Ignite by Aaltoes is a 10-week student startup accelerator focused on educating and creating the next generation of entrepreneurs. These startups join Ignite to accelerate their business, find mentors, advisors, and sparring partners – which happens to be an area where Prönö can help. 

I wish I had Prönö helping me when I was founding a new startup founder as a CEO in my twenties. It would have been a valuable resource for finding help, sparring partners, and mentors. That’s why we wanted to partner with Ignite”, says Helene Auramo.  

If you are an experienced entrepreneur or a professional interested in giving back to the community or you simply want to find your next new exciting thing, welcome to Prönö!


If you are already on Prönö, soon you can start finding Ignite startups on Prönö through the organization search page. 

What Is Ignite by Aaltoes?

Ignite by Aaltoes is a 10-week student startup accelerator focused on educating and creating the next generation of entrepreneurs. This year, 14 teams have been selected to take part in the summer-long accelerator. We are providing teams with the tools, connections, and experience to be able to succeed with their startups. The program is divided into weekly topics covering all the aspects required to build a startup from the ground. Each week the most successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals will teach teams and give personal mentorship to teams individually. On top of this, we want to provide the teams with great connections throughout Finland’s startup ecosystem.

What is Prönö? 

Prönö is the future business platform for helping each other, receiving support, and finding people to work with. There are already thousands of professionals in 40+ categories ready to help. Ready for a new board or advisory board position, ready to offer to spar and mentoring. And ready to find new opportunities as freelancers and service providers. 

On Prönö, organizations can find out which professionals are already willing to help them. Anyone can offer their expertise with just one click! But the best thing is you receive these offers of support without being interrupted. You can just check your circles to find help whenever you need it. Simple as that!

If you are in a hurry and you have a specific need for an open position, Prönö can help too. We can help you to find the perfect match. Contact us to hear more!


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