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This is how Prönö can help you find your next board member!

Prönö connects you with thousands of advisors, coaches, and mentors with different areas of expertise, and you can use our search filters in the professionals marketplace and meet your next board member, sounds good right?

Of course, you can filter and sort them by their professions and expertise, but with Pröno dive deeper into who they really are – into their values and dreams, and what they stand for. Find the board member who shares your vision!

We understand you are busy. Which brings us to the best part, we can contact and build a list of strong candidates for you.

Let’s jump into Prönö’s Board Search

Here’s how it works:

  1. We set up a board position available on our platform, which can be done either publicly with your company name and logo or silently, totally behind the scenes.
  2. Next, we turn on the bat-signal to alert potential candidates, so they can update their profiles to highlight their most relevant skills.
  3. Meanwhile, we also promote the search outside of our community to attract new professionals looking for board positions.
  4. When you’re ready to go, all candidates with matching skills are listed, evaluated, and sorted according to the following criteria:
    • Profession and expertise
    • Recommendations on our platform
    • Values and dreams
    • Willingness to promote societal causes
  5. Then, we will send you the list for further evaluation.
  6. Lastly, we will create a long-list and/or short list for you to continue with.

In short, we do all the hard work in order to find you as many top-notch candidates as we can, and you pick the best ones to follow up with. This saves you time, while also providing a broader and more qualified pool of potential board members.

But here is what makes Prönö Board Search truly special:

  • We do not show or rank age, gender or race. All candidates considered equally.
  • We do not handpick candidates based on our own experience or connections, but based on their professions, skills, merits and values. 
  • We can optionally include potential candidates from outside of your home country.
  • We can publicly announce who was selected and also let all candidate who were not selected know the criteria that determined the decision in this search.
  • And maybe most valuably, all of the applicants are able to offer their expertise to you before or after the application process, creating a network of highly talented individuals who are ready to help you in the future.

Prönö is on a mission to help create more diverse company boards.

A 2021 report published by Prönö reveals some disappointing statistics about the boards of Finland’s listed companies. Click the photo below to download the whole review of listed company boards in Finland.


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