Prönö BugFest – make good together!

BugFest is all about helping and making good. It might also be one the most sustainable festivals ever organized! It is aimed to do good for both our community and our planet. 

We want to create the most humane business platform. But because we cannot do this alone, we wanted to ask for help from our community. That’s how BugFest started. We have challenged our members to find bugs on the platform, and we will reward them by taking care of our planet.

How are we saving the planet bug-by-bug?

We asked our community to help us to create the most humane business platform together. We organized BugFest, and all our community members are invited!

During BugFest, our members are working hard to find every bug on the platform. There are many new features on the platform (like brand new sparring & mentoring pages) they can try now. And we want to find out if everything is working properly or if there are bugs!

So, if you find a bug, remember that our report channel is open. For every new bug found, we will plant a tree! Yes, one new bug = one new tree planted.

That’s a huge favour for us, but it’s even bigger for Mother Nature. That’s Prönö BugFest!


We want to help when we have received help. Because we all need each other, we want to make it possible to help each other, receive support and find people to work with. This is why the Prönö platform was created! <3

And we are excited to find more bugs in the future, take them away from our platform and then, in a way, reintroduce them back into their natural environment. 

More members -> more eyes to find bugs -> more trees planted. 

Now you have an opportunity to help us and our planet. Create an account today!


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