Our community is ready for you.

During the summer we have conducted several studies and have been actively discussing about our platform with many of our community members. We are very thankful for the time and help we have received. 

We conducted a survey of our community members and received an overwhelming response. People see real value in being able to use Prönö because we offer something that other platforms do not. They value especially these three things: 

A) The Prönö community wants to help those who share their goals and purpose

From the very beginning Prönö has been as much about the soft values as it has been about the hard values. The way we see the world is that if our community explicitly is asking to find organizations who share their purpose, vision or mission, it is our duty to try and make it happen. 

That is why our main focus moving forward will be on connecting organizations and professionals who share UN Sustainable development goals

For organizations, that is a super positive thing, as we will now be able to connect you with people who exactly share your purpose. If you have not already set up your UN SDG’s on the platform, we recommend you do so now. If you are not working towards any UN SDGs, see the next section. 

B) The Prönö community wants to help those who most likely need their services

Whether you are working towards the previously mentioned UN SDGs or not, you can still keep using our platform – and we can still find people who want to help you. We will be making our campaigns bigger, better and smarter, whether you are looking for temporary help, employees or extended knowledge in advisory or board roles. We’ll also be updating our pricing for organizations, but more about that later.

C) Prönö community members are looking to work with you in various roles – not just as employees

Our community wants to find opportunities that are not on job postings. They are often experienced professionals who want to use their time for something meaningful. Their expertise is likely most useful for you as advisors, board members, consultants, mentors or sparring partners or co-founders, and our job is to connect you to them. 

We have now a clear mission. And it seems like 97% of our community members agree the direction is right. 

See you on the platform!
Helene & Pasi


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