Find and be found: introducing Prönö platform’s search function

Although Prönö is about finding the trusted people in your own circles, we want to emphasize diversity and every now and then look for new people outside our own comfort zones. This is how new amazing creations come to life. 

With Prönö search you can find people with filters based on their professions and expertise. But you can also look for people based on their services and products or look for new board positions, advisory board positions, mentors or sparring partners. 

Why should I use Prönö search?

There are a few benefits to using Prönö search:

1. We do not have any ads – so you can actually see who is recommended instead of who is shouting the loudest.

2. Find the most recommended professionals.

3. See who is near you and might be able to help you.

4. Save the interesting professionals to remember them later!

How does Prönö Search work?

Prönö search is super simple to use.

You can access the search from your toolbox on the left, and you will be taken directly to the Prönö Search tool.

You can search by a name if you already know someone you want to find.

If you don’t know who you are looking for, use the filters. And you feel like browsing instead, you can do that too. Or then you can dive directly into different categories, or listings of people or companies.

Why do we not have ads?

Let’s be honest. Nobody likes ads. We believe that the best people should stand out without advertising or content marketing.

Our ranking criteria is not based on keywords or auctions, but actual recommendations.

Do you want to find out who are already using platform! Who could be the perfect fit for you? Go to Prönö Search to find them!


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