No more searching.

Stop searching – start finding

Prönö is a place for you to find the best and most recommended professionals. But we also want you to find new people who would like to work with you.

Your time is valuable

So much time is wasted on browsing and endlessly scrolling on service providers’ websites in an attempt to find out who to trust and start working with.

On Prönö, you can see actual people recommending the best talent based on your needs, unlocking value over volume. And this saves time.

Why does content marketing not work for all of us?

Content marketing has been an ongoing trend for over a century now. It has had the biggest influence on the way businesses do marketing and communications. Content marketing is a great fit for companies who have a clear product or well-structured service.

Now we have however moved into an era where everything is starting to look, feel and sound the same. Google optimized content needs to be in the same structure and form. You need to really be excellent at writing and storytelling in order to gain attention.

We believe that instead of relying on algorithms, we should rely on human beings. Instead of optimizing content and paying for advertisements, we should be able to get recommended and be found.

That’s why we built Prönö. A platform for helping others, receiving support and finding people to work with.

If content marketing or some other magic is bringing you growth and wealth beyond your imagination, Prönö is not for you.

But if you are curious, and possess skills that might be useful to other like-minded people – maybe try it out? Other professionals are getting recommended every hour and that is how they are being found.


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