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What does Sustainable B2B Communication Look Like? – Commu

Commu is a company trying to make helping and finding help in your community as easy as possible. They now need advice for reaching companies to get them to join their platform. Join their advisory pool to help them grow!

Commu is a market of helping, an app where people, companies, associations and sports clubs can sell, exchange or offer help. On this platform, you can easily search for help near you on the map, make your own offers or requests, and handle all necessary settlements.

They’re striving to reach a world where people know exactly how to get help and no one needs to be alone in their time of need.

And, now they need advice to grow their business!

Join Commu Advisory Workshop

💙 Mission: To connect a person needing help with a person who wants to help.

👀 Advice needed: How can the Commu app help companies communicate their sustainability efforts?

🕒  26.1.22 at 3 pm
⌛  < 60 min
💰  Free / Non-profit
NOTE the workshop will be hosted in Finnish

You can join the advisory workshop for free, but act fast because there are only a limited number of spots available.

Join Commu’s advisory pool AND click the link in their profile to register.

If you are interested in Commu but cannot join the workshop, add yourself to their advisory pool – and be sure you stand out by making your profile top-notch.


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