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Value-based networking is here

Find business partners who share your values so that you can find better and longer-lasting business relationships.

There is no other platform where you can evaluate and choose the people you work with based on the values and dreams you share. At Prönö, we want to make your values visible.

You can also search for people who share your support for sustainability, diversity, inclusion and equality.

We believe that instead of clients and providers there should be just partners. No business to business, but human to human and trust to trust.

>>Read more about dreams and values

Do you want to find who share same values with you?

On Prönö you can! And even better – you can tell you would like to work with them. That’s something you can’t do on any other platform.

Don’t miss your chance to get in when we will open the platform for all prönös out there! Join us and create your Prönö profile here.


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