WANTED: Advisors for a new exciting sustainability platform

Do you want to make an impact on sustainability as an advisor? There is a new kid on the block – the platform Toivo.io helps organizations to become aware of their emissions and address them immediately. Now they need advisors to begin their journey. Could this advisor opportunity be right for you? Read more and make yourself available. 

Becoming sustainable and climate neutral, simpler and faster than ever before – that’s the mission of Toivo.io. The new platform helps expert companies (such as legal, IT, and marketing agencies) to become climate neutral (all greenhouse gas emissions are accounted for). Toivo.io combines emission accounting, marketplace, compensation, and communication tools. And it will be out soon!

Who’s behind this new idea and platform? Finnish sustainable marketing and communications agency Green Ray and CEO Juulia Karjula. They conceived the idea for Toivo.io after serving many companies in the field. They decided to develop it, and soon the platform gained support from Business Finland. Now they are finetuning the idea and its commercialization. 

Interested? Read more about Toivo.io

We at Toivo.io are looking for professionals to spar with about the new concept launching this fall

If you have expertise in sustainability, strategy (especially in digital services), commercialization, or in general building and launching new services, they want to book a session with you on Prönö. 

How can you become an advisor?

Toivo.io will select the best available advisors from their advisory pool on Prönö platform. Join the pool to make your profile available.

First session will be booked as soon as potential advisors are found, so if you are not yet on the platform – join for free and add your self to Mesenaatti’s company pool to make yourself available.

One more time:

  1. Join Toivo.io advisory pool on Prönö before 30.8.2022
    If you are not yet on Prönö. You can create your profile for free here.
    If you are already on Prönö, make sure your profile is top notch. 

  1. They will select best advisors for 1-to-1 sessions
    If you want to get paid for the sessions, upgrade your profile to PRO.


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