What is Prönö?

Prönö offers a new platform aimed to unleash the potential of networks. We believe the new culture that startups have been practicing for years should be taken to a larger scale so it can accelerate innovations and businesses. 

By gathering together the best talent and companies, we believe miracles can happen. Prönö is a global platform for entrepreneurs, experts and service providers from different industries who want to utilize and support their networks.

Prönö is a Finnish startup whose story began in November 2019. Right from the beginning, our aim has been to help entrepreneurs to grow and succeed. From this idea, we have undertaken a journey of million decisions and developed a new innovative global platform where everyone can utilize each other’s networks in the most helpful way – and recommend the people who really deserve it. In other words, we help businesses to succeed and get help wherever and whenever needed. We are launching in 2020.


The world is full of content, and we would say social media is not living up to its potential. Gradually, social media has drifted away from its original goal of connecting us with the people we really want to be connected with. Nowadays, with Prönö, finding someone who could help you is as easy as possible. 

So, how do you find help for your business today and utilize all the talent you have in your network or the networks of your network without Prönö? Googeling, asking, searching…

But there are some problems:

  • Google sells ads, and your network will not pop up in search results.
  • In Facebook groups, content is not organized, and it disappears in the content jungle.
  • LinkedIn has collected networks together, but it is still not easy to find the right people to help and inspire in specific areas.
  • Asking is always a good way to start. But people’s memories are limited. 

Information is fragmented. While networking has been all around for many years, clear ways to unleash the potential of our networks effectively are still missing. This is why we created the Prönö platform.  

With Prönö, you can organize and collect together the people who can help you in any specific field. We are building a platform where people and companies can meet and grow their business and recommend the right talent for each other. We’ve got your back, and we aim to educate and inspire all of you and guide to you in the right direction. But we all have to do it together. And prönös, we can do it!


Who are your go-to people? The ones you would truly recommend? We all have people around us who deserve to be found by others as well. Networks have power, but it is not utilized in the way it should be. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to execute marketing, so why not use your voice to support your go-to people and join us prönös as well?

Do you want to unleash the potential of your network? Leave your email below and get early access to Prönö.


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