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The biggest differences between Prönö and LinkedIn

There are many ways in which Prönö is different from LinkedIn. We don’t recommend you to delete your LinkedIn account but encourage you to start your Prönö life on the side. But let us explain the six most fundamental differences between the two social networking platforms.

  1. Prönö is about quality, not quantity

Most social media platforms like LinkedIn are based on gathering as many followers as possible. That’s not what Prönö is about. Prönös share their recommended people and want to help their network. This type of sharing of your trusted contacts is very common in the startup world. You want to lift these people up because you trust their expertise and would recommend them any day to anyone. 

You can save people on your circles so that you will remember them when you are in need but you can also recommend them.

  1. On Prönö, you’ll find the right people at the right time

LinkedIn is a tool to gather loads of business connections. But we at Prönö want to organize your most trusted connections in a way that allows you to use the potential of your network better. If you can find the right people at the right time, amazing things will happen. Prönö makes all that easier.

At Prönö, we have lots of different categories you can list as your expertise, ranging from graphic designer to PR expert and from personal trainer to engineer. This ensures you’ll easily find the right people when you’re searching for experts.

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We also allow you to let your network know what kind of opportunities you’re interested in, or in turn, what you’re able to offer other prönös. For example, you can look for or aspire to become a mentor or a board member. Or maybe you’re willing to lend a hand by sparring someone. All of these opportunities are easily and reliably available at Prönö

  1. On Prönö, you don’t have to create content to make a name for yourself

Conventional social media is all about the content – it’s more or less a shouting contest. On LinkedIn, you have your feed where you can see what your connections are up to. However, there is so much content coming in that it must be sorted. LinkedIn’s feed is based on an algorithm, so there are certain factors that affect which posts get the most views. 

To be top of mind in your network and visible to their networks, you must create continuous, engaging content that is relevant to your LinkedIn audience. For content marketers, this is a piece of cake. But what about all the other professionals out there? For instance, think of an extremely talented supply chain specialist. If they want to be seen and heard on LinkedIn, they have to be outstanding content marketers as well. But that’s completely unnecessary and has nothing to do with their professionalism and talent as a supply chain specialist. 

We are thinking about this differently. Our aspiration is to create an equal space for all prönös, no matter your field of expertise, where you can focus on your strengths and just be you. Instead of algorithms deciding who gets the most visibility, it’s the other people that decide who they trust and who they want to recommend to others. If you are good at what you do, your trusted network will recommend you to their network. 

On Prönö, you are more than just your content. You are worth so much more than just your follower count. Prönö brings trusted doers together, and it doesn’t matter if you know how to trick algorithms or not. We believe this is the way towards better networking.

  1. Getting and giving help is easier and faster

On LinkedIn, it’s difficult to find the help you need from your network because the best doers probably are not the loudest ones.

We wanted to make seeking help super easy. You can ask for a hand from your circle and their circle at any time. There’s no self-promotion or bragging, just people figuring out how to change the world for the better.

With our Help Hub, you can easily seek and offer help. And if you can’t give a hand with a problem, you can recommend a prönö from your circle! Also, you can add your availability for the ongoing week, so your network knows at a glance if you can offer your help or spar them.

  1. On Prönö, you can make your dreams and values visible

We know you are more than just what you do for a living. You are a human being with a soft side. That’s why we want you to share not just your CV but also your dreams and your values – think of your profile as a more humane business card. On Prönö, you are not your job, you are you.

When you create a profile on Prönö, you can share your work, your education and your expertise – just like you would on LinkedIn. But that’s not who you are. On Prönö, you can formulate a short introduction of yourself, explain your interests, list the core values that guide you in life and even reveal your biggest dream! We believe amazing things will happen when you say your dreams out loud. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen!

  1. There are no ads on Prönö

Last but not least, our platform is not about ads, but about trust-to-trust and human-to-human. Prönö is totally ad-free, and there is no spam mail headed your way – you decide who can contact you. We want to keep prönös and their dreams at the center.

Prönö is the future business platform for helping others, receiving support and finding people to work with. Join us today!


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