Listed Company Boards in Finland 2023

Has diversity in publicly listed company boards in Finland increased over the last 12 months? How far are we from meeting the 40% quota set by the European Union? And how will board members be discovered in the age of AI? Find answers to all these questions and more on this page:

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The Launch Event

The event was recorded on Friday, December 8th, 2023.


Welcome: A brief introduction to the event by Helene Auramo

Presentation on Finnish listed company boards diversity study 2023 -
A comprehensive analysis of the diversity in Finnish listed company boards.
by Helene Auramo, CEO, Prönö Enterprises:

Keynote: "Are diverse boards more effective? How to build a more diverse board?"
 by Jonna Louvrier, CEO, Includia Leadership:
Exploring the impact of diversity on board effectiveness and strategies for building diverse boards. 

Trends in building boards: "What skills and competence are being sought?"
 by Katri Sipilä, Deve Partners: An overview of the current skill and competency demands in board compositions.

"How to find a board position today with the help of AI"
 by Pasi Laine, Prönö Enterprises: Demonstrating how AI can be utilized in securing board positions.

Closing remarks: Helene Auramo & Pasi Laine, Prönö Enterprises Ltd.

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