Kauppalehti recognizes Prönö’s recent Board review

In their article, Kauppalehti wrote about how boards of listed companies in Finland are still lacking young people and women in 2021. Last year’s results were the same: 27% of the board members are women and 7% are chairwomen. 

Prönö’s CEO Helene Auramo was interviewed, and she shared her concern about how poor the situation is: “This year’s results were disappointing, of course. There really is no room for celebration. The number of women on the boards was still small, but the fact that the amount hasn’t increased is not good at all.”

In 2021, a total of 19 companies did not have female members on their board, compared to 17 last year. The percentage of boards with only one or no women was 48%.

“I’ve heard a lot of stories that women and young people are hard to find for boards or women wouldn’t be so interested in board seats. This is not the case. It is clear from the Prönö platform that women are interested in board and advisory positions,” says Auramo.

If you are curious, you can read the article at Kauppalehti. (Sorry, the article is only in Finnish.)

See the study highlights and download the full study. To learn more about what Finnish company boards look like, click the image.


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