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Prönö Executive Services are relevant if you...

… need new ideas and perspectives

…are reaching for a big goal

… have a challenge to overcome

…want to unleash your team’s full potential

New ideas and perspectives

If you need new ideas and perspectives to spark creativity, Prönö is the perfect solution for you. By simply defining who you want to meet, you can effortlessly explore new possibilities and gain valuable feedback on your current direction. Prönö can provide the guidance you need to make sure you're always heading in the right direction.

Big goal to reach

Reaching big goals can be difficult to accomplish alone; that is why our team has sought out professionals who have already achieved similar goals. By scheduling a session with them, you can focus your time on achieving your own goals, rather than trying to find the right person to assist you.

Challenges to solve

Do you have an issue to resolve but don't know where to find the assistance you need? We provide the answer – our service enables you to access knowledgeable, experienced professionals who can tackle your problem with no added fee. Your team can then refocus on their core objectives and the problem can be quickly resolved.

Unleash your team's full potential

Unlock the maximum potential of your team without having to invest a fortune into each of them. Our mentoring programs With our mentoring programs, you can take your advice-giving to the next level, with no extra costs. Each team member will have one mentoring session a month and you can take advantage of both your in-house resources and our customer success team to further broaden the pool of available advice. Investing in mentoring will save your team time and money while giving them the knowledge to thrive.

Learn and co-create with the professionals that best suit you

CXO Advisors

Grow in Sessions with executives (e.g. CFOs, CMOs, CEOs, top leaders)

Expert & industry


Boost your skills with expert advisors (e.g. in sales, project management, marketing)

Customer advisors

Understand your target audience better with customer advisors.


Achieve your goals faster with our executive and  business coaches.

Top reasons to work with Prönö Executives


Introducing the Scalable Platform Revolutionizing Advising, Coaching and Mentoring for high-performing leaders

The all-in-one professional advising & coaching platform

The online video session tool

The advisor and the customer meet on our platform for 50 minutes for each 1-to-1 session.

The automatic payment system

The advisor gets paid after the session automatically.
We invoice companies automatically every month


The admin panel

The company admin can invite employees, add credits to their accounts and get session data.

The smart booking system

Customers can suggest alternative times for the advisor to choose from. 

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What people say about us:

Prönö provides a platform for companies to easily find the help that they need. With its organized structure and user-friendly interface, Prönö is a great option for anyone seeking assistance.

Hanna Kontinen

Head of Talent & Culture, Brella

Every session has been fascinating and has involved some exciting business ideas and equally interesting people.

Antti Isokangas

Writer, speaker, communications consultant

Customer Cases

Here are some of the companies we have been able to help these past months. Read more about the power of a knowledge community unleashed, and learn about how your company could benefit from working with us and joining the Prönö Platform.

Case – Mesenaatti in the Crossroads

Sometimes, you need to pause and ask for advice in order to see the way forward. This is what Mesenaatti did when they found themselves at a crossroads. In the last seven years, they had grown to become one of...

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