How to execute the go to market for a new innovation?

H2O2-vapor innovations is a company that has been cooking up in the science-based incubator VTT LaunchPad. Now they are looking to use their patented technology to save lives by ensuring safe, germ free spaces and goods – and organizes advisory workshop to get advice to execute their new innovation to market.

Fight against deadly pathogens. After Covid-19, deadly pathogens need no introduction. The importance of fighting these germs is imminent. But the question is how to get the new products, hydrogen peroxide vapor generators, into hospitals, schools, public spaces and offices? And where to start?

If you know how to enter the some of these markets, and happy to share your advice, here’s your chance to make an impact. H2O2-vapor innovations is looking for an advisor AND A LEADER for the new company. If you are or know someone who is the one who can make a difference – attend the workshop. At this phase of their journey your path can take many directions.

To call and enquire more about the company and the product, call  Jani Hakala 0406276086 or Kaarle Mäkinen +358 40 1838 035. 

JOIN H2O2-vapor innovations ADVISORY WORKSHOP

💙 Mission:  Save lives by ensuring safe, germ free spaces and goods. 
👀 Advice needed: How to execute the go to market for a new innovation?
🕒  6.5.2022 at 9:00
⌛  < 60 min

There are only 5 seats available so act fast. Sign-up closes 1 week before the workshop.


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