New product launch – Moi Forest

Moi Forest has its roots in an ancient forest that takes care of biodiversity and our planet’s habitability. The forest offers shelter and a bounty of trees, berries and mushrooms, but above all, forms the core of a living and breathing ecosystem. It took a small bunch of Finnish researchers intrigued by the power of the forest and a few women with a background in natural cosmetics and wellbeing, and an idea began to take shape: maybe it really is possible to create a cosmetic product with beneficial effects for the whole body! 

Using a Moi Forest product with a microbial extract on a daily basis gives you a diverse nature exposure and boosts your immune system. Your defence mechanism will benefit from the diverse Reconnecting Nature™microbes: the products that contain forest dust balance your unique microbiome, boosting the immune system. 

Moi Forest Dust Cream Series has been selected as the Care Product of the Year 2022 and has become a new star in natural cosmetics in a short time. Now it’s time for a new product launch! They are looking for advice in Prönö Advisory Workshop.

Join Moi Forest’s Advisory Workshop

💙 Mission: We bring the healing properties of the forest to your daily life in the city ♡

👀 Advice needed:  How to implement a new product into the market? How to concretize the communication into marketing activities?

🕒  3.3.2022 at 10am
⌛  < 60 min
💰  Free / Non-profit


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