Organizational AI – how you can identify new opportunities

You can ask ChatGPT about artificial intelligence, but it cannot give you a response based on your context and an understanding of your unique needs and opportunities. Information about AI and even general use cases are widely available, but the insights and expertise you need to turn that knowledge into actionable business decisions are not. That is where Prönö comes in. 

We have built a package for organizational leaders who want to understand where and how their organizations can use AI and gain a competitive advantage. Or where competitors are most likely going to use it to your disadvantage.

Five 1-to-1 sessions with top AI professionals

Meet with 5 TOP subject experts who have a deep understanding of AI and can discuss with you its potential implementation opportunities in your business. You can schedule your meetings within just one week if you want to learn as much as you can as fast as possible, or spread them out over 6-8 weeks if you are looking to implement and test new ideas between meetings.

Book your meeting with us and your first 1-to-1 online meeting with an expert can be as soon as next week!


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