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Helsingin Sanomat recognises Prönö’s Board review

Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest daily newspaper in Finland, published an article based on Prönö’s 2021 board review.

In their article, Helsingin Sanomat wrote about how boards of listed companies in Finland lack young people and women. Only six percent of all board members are under 40 years old.

Prönö’s CEO Helene Auramo was interviewed, and she shared her concern about how poor the situation was. Three out of four boards operate without any millennial views, and only seven percent of the chairpersons are women.

“When I saw the results, I realized how bad the situation is. I feel like I must help other young people and women who are looking for a position on a board.”

Even though there are 17 boards with no women at all, Auramo thinks that a gender quota for boards is not the best solution for the issue.

“Forcing is not a good way to accomplish anything. I think that young people and women should feel welcome and equal. That’s how innovations and new thinking can emerge.”

If you are curious, you can read the article at hs.fi (Sorry, the article is only in Finnish.)

To learn more about listed company boards in Finland, click the image:


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