How prönölicious of Prönö to be featured in the biggest business media outlets in Finland

The evening before this press exposure began, Helene Auramo (the Founder of Prönö) was laying on her bed and staring at the ceiling. She was scared of what she was about to do. She was hesitant and thinking about not doing as she had planned. However, she, like many entrepreneurs before taking their leaps and jumps, just needed a little push from someone, and that was exactly what she got from her husband Pasi. 

The next morning she decided to put her finger on the Enter key and send her email.

This is how she quietly told the World that this is what she is now determined to do no matter what. Prönö’s message was written in one A4 press release. And so the dream became real.

The message was received by the biggest business media outlets in Finland in November 2019, and the story soon reached a larger audience. 

If you are curious, you can read what Talouselämä, Kauppalehti and Tekniikka & Talous wrote about us. (Sorry, the articles are only in Finnish and behind paywalls.)

Talouselämä https://www.talouselama.fi/uutiset/slush-konkari-keksi-yrittamiselle-uuden-nimen-pronoily-erityisesti-sarjayrittaja-on-mielestani-aivan-kaamea/00bb7eed-8617-4b38-83a3-1fe9897868ad

Tekniikka ja talous https://www.tekniikkatalous.fi/uutiset/slush-konkari-haluaa-muuttaa-yrittajat-pronoiksi-laittavat-kankeat-rakenteet-uusiksi-ja-luovat-suomeen-uutta-ja-kipeasti-kaivattua-menestysta/848c02c3-3d70-41c8-8122-61c99f61e900

Kauppalehti https://www.kauppalehti.fi/uutiset/slush-konkari-aikoo-nyt-tuoda-suomeen-pronoilyn-start-up-huuma-on-arkistunut-ja-kriittisyys-kasvaa-tasta-tulee-isompi-kuin-slush/e603453e-5b64-47b1-b003-bd61deb8ccca


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