Advising is an opportunity

Today, everybody can make an impact with their expertise. We are no longer hindered by geography or structures that would prevent us from working on something meaningful, so it’s up to all of us to make a difference.

Working on something more meaningful is becoming a massive trend in society. In the US, we see great resignation where people are quitting their day jobs and looking elsewhere. Of course, not all of us can just leave our current projects and jump into new things, but almost any of us can look at the brighter side in a role of an advisor.

Patterns and habits are changing rapidly due to Covid and the environmental challenges it has brought with it. Not only did the world of consulting and advising permanently change, but so has the world of recruitments. More and more companies are building advisory boards to help them navigate through the turbulence.

Today, almost anything can be done faster than before. Anybody can instantly offer and seek advice. It has never been as easy as today to become an advisor — all virtually.

Become an advisor on Prönö

Our goal at Prönö is to help professionals and experts, with knowledge they can share, to become advisors.

The way we see it is that the faster companies can find advice for their needs, the more value we can create. That is why we are making the platform with unlimited opportunities to share your advice and become an advisor.

Instead of having a limited number of companies you get to work with or having someone else select who you should work for – you get to decide who you want to advise and work with.

Being able to add yourself to advisory pools, attend workshops, and be added to advisory teams of companies working for a more sustainable future should be a possibility for everyone.

Being an advisory board member is a quick and rewarding way to see how valuable your expertise and advice can be to others. The more companies pools you have joined, the more significant the impact you can create.

It is up to you if you want to make an impact or not. Read more and join Prönö today!


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