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Build the board of the future with the help of Prönö Platform

There are hundreds of prönös who are eager to share their insights and talents with businesses by taking on board member positions. Some of them are already very active on boards, while others have untapped potential and the skills for the boards of tomorrow.  

With our search function, you can easily search among diverse prospective board members. You can find very talented people in areas as varied as sustainability, HR & Talent, and digitalization. Our search makes it effortless to find prönös from different genders and backgrounds. 

And did you know that according to Harvard Business Review, diverse boards are more innovative, base their decisions more firmly on facts and can even help to uncover biases in current decision making? 

Prönö is a great tool for building the boards of the future. Just browse profiles and contact the most suitable potential board members – experienced prönös you can trust and learn from. 

To keep up with the changing business environment, join the Prönö waiting list. Just type in your email address and you are in!


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