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Finding is faster with recommendations

We all have a long list of connections spanning many different social media platforms. But the more connections you have, the harder it is to find your trusted professionals if they are not excellent at using social media and marketing. The algorithms have a big impact on how you see their content.

How everything is structured online has a huge impact on how you see and remember people. The top-of-mind professionals might be the ones who are really good at social media. And if you go to search engines, you find the ones who are good at getting their websites to the top of the search results.

We saw these as challenges and wanted to offer an alternative and better way to find really good professionals and offer your services.

At Prönö, you can recommend and get recommended, and this clear approach makes more opportunities for you and everyone you would like to work with. And you can be found – even without writing content.

Recommendations versus SEO

Modern website design and search engine optimization (or SEO for short) makes most home pages look pretty much the same. The differences are small, which makes differentiation hard. Just look at the top 5 marketing automation platforms and you’ll notice that they all might have come from the same “package”. Evaluation is even harder if you are purchasing professional services.

Recommendations from your trusted peers are more valuable, and we believe that this is the way to go. Many freelancers also say that the way they get new clients is mostly via recommendations. This is also how we at Prönö think search should be built.

Recommendations or social media marketing

Social media guides us to create engaging content and pay for advertising in order to be visible. We connect with people easily on social media – but at the same time, we give these platforms permission to send more and more content to our feeds. With all the incoming content we find ourselves constantly distracted.

Social media platforms are not even built for finding people (unless you remember their name). There’s no tool or platform built for specifically helping those who need to find the right professionals. As a customer, it is helpful to be able to search for people with certain skills or professions and see who are recommended – and who have already been recommended by the people you trust the most. After all, that is the way we were finding professionals way back before digitalization. We asked our friends and neighbours. That’s what Prönö does, but it does it without even actually asking – pretty smart, right?

We all know super good professionals who we would love to recommend to our peers if we were only asked. On Prönö, you can find people who are recommended and do that super fast. This way you can save your time – and get the best people to help you with your most important projects. Even if you are all set up and already working with the best in the business – it might be your time to give back to them. Recommendations help them get more business and advance in life.

Don’t believe it works? Let us know why and carry on as you were.

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Curious to see if it does?

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