Slow Living looking for Co-Founders with expertise in marketing, design & sustainability (expired)


Do you dream of starting your own business with someone just as passionate as you? Does your heart beat for the ecological and ethical textile industry? If you answered yes, don’t miss this opportunity to become Co-Founder of Slow Living, the brand-new sustainable company for small kids. Help little ones to have a better and more wholesome start to their lives. Make your dream come true as a Marketing, Design or Sustainability Co-Founder through Prönö!

Slow Living’s story started from the love between a child and a mother…

“When I became a mom, I realized how children’s textiles are filled with chemicals, glue and other oddments. I wasn’t excited when I had to put those next to my child’s skin – but I couldn’t find alternatives. That’s why I first had the idea to help little ones have a better and fresher start to their lives. I wanted to start producing better choices for children’s home textiles, so I established Slow Living.” -Saana Siivola, Founder of Slow Living

Slow Living’s mission: We want to bring better products to little children and have an effect on customers’ buying behaviour and their knowledge about the products they are buying.

Slow Living produces ecologically, ethically, cleanly and transparently made home textiles for young children. Their products are always made from clean and carefully selected materials. Besides the purity of their materials, it’s just as important that Slow Living products are safe and made in Finland. With a vision to be a leading trendsetter in the children’s home textile industry, Slow Living also wants to show how to do things through love and honesty.

“I think children deserve a great start in their lives, and that is why my company’s products are also clean, ecological, ethical and safe to use. Just like your children, my products don’t need anything added either.” -Saana

The time has come for Slow Living to grow! A one-woman company needs eager and curious people to join the journey ahead. Could you be the next Slow Living Co-Founder?

Slow living is looking for Co-Founders:

  • a marketing Co-Founder
  • a design & creative Co-Founder
  • a sustainable Co-Founder

And you have an opportunity to apply for either position on Prönö!

You would be a perfect fit if you have

  • expertise in marketing, branding, graphic design, design or sustainability field
  • an understanding of (or interest in) the lives and needs of young children (ages 0-2)
  • an entrepreneurial mindset and outside-the-box thinking

“The love between a small child and an adult is something unique. Imagine holding a small child in your arms. Maybe she will fall asleep in your arms, and you will stroke her beautiful hair. Time stops, it’s just you and your little one and love. There is no hurry anywhere. This time is just for you and your little one. For precious moments like this, I wanted to establish the company Slow Living.” -Saana Siivola, Founder of Slow Living

Become a Co-Founder!

Remember to do this on the 20th of October 2021 at the latest!

1) Click the link below to sign in (or join) and you will be found from Slow Living pool.
2) Make sure your profile shows all your expertise (marketing, sustainable, design & creative), values, goals & SDGs. Read our tips on how to make your profile stand out on Prönö.
3) Slow Living will check all profiles found in their advisory & talent pool and then contact the potential candidates. 

Apply now!


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