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Prönö is the platform that can connect you with 3000+ advisors, board members, investors and freelancers willing to help companies by sharing their experience and knowledge. We help companies to find the right experts for their needs on and off our platform.


With Prönö Search, you can find out which experts are willing to help your company. And you’ll never pay for a search on our platform – only for the experts’ time.

What is Prönö Search for companies?

Prönö is the platform where you can find 3000+ experts. Their experience and background span every corner of business (marketing, sales, communications, commercialization, strategy etc.).


With Prönö Search, you can find the right matches for your current and future needs. Whether you need an advisor, board member, investor or freelancer. We contact all potential candidates, and they can show their interest easily with just one click.

You can select who you want to meet. And you only pay for the meetings. Meet all the most promising candidates through our platform and keep on meeting with them until you find the ones you are ready to continue working with. 


Advisors – the experts in their field who have achieved success, have developed connections within the industry, or possess other qualities that could benefit a company. Advisors can provide their knowledge and connections when it comes down to making decisions. 


While the role of advisory boards is less formal and not legally defined as boards, they can also bring broad perspectives, experienced guidance, and critical support to a company, just like a traditional board. 

There are 1500+ professionals interested in offering their expertise as an advisor on Prönö.

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There are 1700+ professionals interested in offering their expertise as a board member on Prönö. 


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Board Members

The main difference between a board and advisory board lies in their respective legal statuses within companies. A board of directors is a group of people who make decisions on behalf of a company. It’s the board’s responsibility to ensure that the business meets its goals and objectives, upholds sound governance practices, protects shareholder interests, and maintains accountability for ethical behaviour. 




Are you looking for the next funding round?


As startups race to get their products and services to market and scale their businesses, investors play a critical role. The capital they bring to the table can accelerate your company’s momentum and take it to the next level.


Investors can offer more than just money – working with an investor can also mean faster growth, as well as expertise from someone who has been there before.

There are 270+ professionals interested in offering their services as an investor on Prönö. 

How does Prönö Search work?

We create your company account on the platform. You’ll be visible to those advisors who show their interest towards your company. 

We contact advisors, on and off our platform, based on your target group and needs. All interested candidates will be visible in your advisory pool. Each campaign is free of charge, and you’ll only pay for the meetings with candidates. 

You can start booking sessions with potential candidates. We will add 1500 credits to your account, and you can easily book and meet candidates in sessions on the platform.

Continue with sessions on Prönö or pay a Finder’s fee (290€) to start working with an advisor without our help. 

Start finding expertise now.

On Prönö, you can search for free – and you’ll only pay for the meetings.

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