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Everything big started from an idea. To make dreams come true, we all need help from others. Prönö has the privilege to be in partnership with amazing, young innovators who want to build their ideas into real businesses. This summer, 43 students and 14 projects have been selected for the Ignite by Aaltoes startup accelerator program, and they are looking for professionals to help them move forward. Prönö is here to help!

Ignite by Aaltoes (Aalto Entrepreneur Society) is a 10-week startup accelerator for students interested in spreading their wings as entrepreneurs. Ignite will help students to build a real business during the summer of 2021, and Prönö will help them find mentors, advisors and sparring partners on our platform to boost their ideas and grow as entrepreneurs. 

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The 14 most original ideas have been selected for the Ignite program this year. Now it’s time to introduce two of these interesting brand-new startups! And the entrepreneurs behind the ideas. Do you have some experience or expertise that might help them?


Greentail is one of the high-impact startups attending the Ignite by Aaltoes program for this summer. Their mission is to contribute to a world that respects the environment and promotes a circular economy. To make this happen, they are creating a responsible ecosystem between retail stores, producers and consumers. 

“We have a vision of a world that cares for the environment and promotes a circular economy.”

The team behind the idea: 

We are a team of 4 young professionals from different areas. Our team’s superpower is our diverse backgrounds and hard-working attitude. We are Gaelle (a biotechnology student), Camila (a geographer), Cline (a bioeconomy student) and Anish (an automation engineer).

Our purpose is to create a bridge between retail stores and producers of eco-responsible products. We also aim to make transparent the environmental impact of the supply chain and inform consumers about the ecological footprint of the products they buy.

“At this moment, we are validating our idea, and it would be great for us to talk with people who work in the food industry and supply chain. We want to know the main problems that you face today regarding sustainability.”

Do you have something to share with Greentail? Offer your expertise with just one click on Prönö.

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juni label

juni label is another interesting startup attending the Ignite program. A team of three students got an idea of a new way of creating goods and making an impact for a more sustainable future – piece by piece. 

juni label offers consumers the experience of making their own designer garments. Their selection is a carefully curated kit of raw materials that contains everything one needs to create a sustainable piece of slow fashion.

To fulfill the consumers’ craving for self-expression, uniqueness and belonging, they present a new way of creating goods. As a startup, they are building a community that allows their customers to co-create and join their movement. juni label wants to provide their customers the means to create something new, use their imagination and express themselves! Sounds inspiring, right?

The team behind the idea: 

Our Estonian-Finnish team consists of Reti Kilvet, Vera Rantamaa and Ella Rantamaa. Reti and Vera are Design students at Aalto University, and Ella is graduating with a Master’s degree in Marketing. We are a tight-knit team, and we all play equal roles as co-founders. We share a passion for innovative solutions and design thinking and are excited to make our idea come to life.

We want to challenge consumers to join our movement, be mindful about the origin of their possessions, and be bold.”

Our values:

💙 Transparency – being transparent about everything we do, from decision-making to the final product.

💙 Quality – providing responsibly, ethically and locally sourced, high-quality materials, and exquisite Finnish design.

💙 Care – we aim to create a community that is inclusive, diverse and respectful.

“By enhancing the growing curiosity towards handmade items, we aim to contribute to the slow fashion movement.”

On Prönö, juni label is looking for mentors and advisory board members (especially in the areas of sustainability, communications & media and the fashion industry). Ready to give back to the community? Go to their profile to offer your expertise!

Greentail and juni label are both in the pre-seed stage and ready to look for sparring partners, mentors and advisors on our platform. Make an impact with them and click “I’m here if you need me” on their profile!

If you are not yet on Prönö, you can join the platform here. Search for all organizations and offer your expertise to those who you would like to work with!


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