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Prönö is the place for you to tell the right companies to find you if they are looking for new board members or advisory board members.


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Advisory Workshops

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Advisory Workshops give you the opportunity to provide your expertise and views to those impact companies you would love to help. These one-hour online workshops can be one of the first steps to becoming an advisory board member, a service provider or perhaps an employee of a company you would love to help.

Advisor Opportunities

Aila looking for investors on Prönö

Aila is the first centralized platform helping organizations to take direct climate actions. This sustainable startup from Finland is now seeking investors for their first round in 2023. If you are interested in investing in a more sustainable future, this is your chance. The Aila

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Luonkos looking for advisors for the next investment round

Luonkos is an innovative skin care company from Finland that is seeking advisors for their first investment round in 2023. They are looking for advisors with expertise in digital sales, marketing development, internationalisation and go-to-market strategy. Interested advisors can now show their interest on Prönö. 

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AUDICIN is looking for advisors on Prönö

Do you want to help and advise a science-based team building an innovative solution that helps people to recharge while they are working? Many busy business people struggle to find the time for recovery breaks, breathing techniques and other restorative exercises. However, the Slush top

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